Lawrence's Restaurant



Bread, Marinated Olives, Herbs Butter, virgin olive oil and balsamic



Cream of Vegetable



Mixed Salad: Lettuce, Grated Carrots, Cucumber, Tomato, Onions and Herb Vinaigrette

Goat Cheese au Gratin served on toast with Honey and balsamic vinegar

Lawrence’s Salad: Assorted Lettuce, Artichoke, Asparagus, Cherry Tomato, Quail Egg, Ilha Cheese, Fried Sweet Potatoes and Fresh Herb Vinaigrette



Spaghetti Bolognese with Fresh Oregano

Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini with Tomato Sauce

Veal Ravioli with a Mushroom Sauce and Thyme



Your choice of Grilled Salmon or Seabass Sserved with Braised Potatoes and Fresh Vegetables of the day

Lawrence’s Codfish Slivers with Traditional Crumbled Herb Cornbread

Oven-baked Codfish Loins “à Alencar”



Black Pork hidden belly part served with homemade chips and creamed spinach

Pan-Steak with homemade chips and white wine sausage seerved with Iberian Smoked Ham and Poached Egg

Partridge Pie with Stewed Green peas and fresh Thyme



Chocolate Mousse

Fruit Salad

Flan Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Cake served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice Cream, Two Flavours of your Choice

Sintra Sweet Cheese Tart served with Lemon Sorbet




Bread, Marinated Olives, Herbs Butter, virgin olive oil and balsamic



Cream of Vegetable

Shrimp bisque with croutons



Lawrence’s Salad: Assorted lettuce, Ilha cheese, asparagus, artichoke, cherry tomatoes, fried sweet potato chips, and herb vinaigrette

Iberian smoked ham and pineapple served in layers with honey-Balsamic vinaigrette

Fresh goose Foie Gras with assorted peppers and strawberry with Port wine

Whisky shrimp flambé

Veal carpaccio with pesto and Parmesan cheese



Sweet potato gnocchi au gratin with four Portuguese cheeses

Creamy shrimp fettuccine and bell peppers

Mushroom and asparagus risotto with white truffle olive oil



Mediterranean flavoured, oven-baked small octopus with braised potatoes and sprouts

Grilled sesame-crusted salmon, with vegetable spaghetti and Oriental sauce

Grilled seabass with asparagus and potatoes with Balsamic vinegar



Stewed boar served with risotto alla Milanese

Duck magret with sweet potatoes with a mushroom and Port wine sauce

Steak au poivre with rustic potatoes


Lawrence’s Classic Dishes

Oven-baked codfish loins Alencar style

Lawrence’s codfish slivers with traditional crumbled herb cornbread

Partridge pie with stewed green peas and fresh thyme